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The House of God : The Temple | S1 E6


Remember the pattern – Through the waters, to the mountain of God, for life in the presence of God.


This pattern is the pattern of creation and new creation. It’s the movement from chaos to order, and from slavery to salvation. God has not left his people scattered and confused, he has not left them bound in chains, and he will not leave them to die wandering in the wilderness. His goal is a garden-city where he will dwell forever in the midst of His people as an all-satisfying source of life and light. We’ve seen him walking on the Mount of Eden, we’ve met with him on the top of Mount Sinai, we’ve entered and ascended the Tabernacle - his mobile mountain, and now we will explore the glories of Mount Zion, that holy hill in the center of the regal city of Jerusalem - the place of the king and the place where God’s palace towers over the world - where He sits enthroned over all things. Just like the Tabernacle and the ancient garden of Eden, God’s temple was built so he could dwell with us, and we with him, always and forever, world without end.