• Exile: From Eden to Babel | S1 E3

    · By Wolfbane Books

      God’s people chose darkness over light, death over life.   Why?! What were they thinking?! After all the glorious good that God had done in creation, they wouldn’t listen to the One who loved them most. The world began with words, but when those words were twisted and doubted, the wild and waste that had been subdued in the beginning began rumbling again, but this time in the hearts of humans.     So, God, who had made the world and all that is in it in order to dwell with His people, sent them out of His lush...

  • Eden & The Goal of Creation | S1 E2

    · By Wolfbane Books

    In Episode 2, we begin our journey through The Story of God with Us. As we trace the theme of God's presence with his people, there is only one place to start – in the beginning. From the first, "Let there be..." God had a goal for it all. Over the course of six days God is taming the wild and fashioning a home for Him and His people. By the end of Genesis 2 humans are flourishing in God's presence in a lush mountain top garden. Just imagine where all of this leads, Adam and Eve, flourishing in the presence of...

  • Prologue: The Story of God | S1 E1

    · By Wolfbane Books

     Welcome to The Story of God Podcast! In Season 1 of our new podcast we will be digging deeper into the theological theme we laid out in our family picture-book The Story of God with Us. We will follow the structure of that book – scene by scene – to guide us on our journey. Each episode will be bite-sized, but packed with rich theology. As the story unfolds over Season 1 it is our hope that parents and families will experience the wonder of the Word, and fall deeper in love with the Author of the greatest story ever told....