· By Wolfbane Books

A Love-Filled Promise to Abraham | S1 E4

The world was broken. All the families of the earth were supposed to be living on God’s holy mountain and flourishing in His life-giving presence, but now, after the great rebellion, they are scattered and confused – hopeless wanderers in the wilderness. Surely all is lost, God’s beautiful plan for creation has been abandoned by his own image bearers. His grand story seems to have ended in tragedy.

But, those who know God, know better.

The heavens hushed, the stars and the planets leaned in to listen. The God of creation was about to speak again.


With the power of a thousand falling mountains, God’s voice echoed over the face of the land, and on and on into forever. He was speaking fresh love-filled promises to a wilderness-wanderer named Abraham. Somehow, through this man’s family, God was going to bless all the scattered families of the world and draw them back into His presence once again.

Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God. - Hebrew 11:10