· By Wolfbane Books

Exile: From Eden to Babel | S1 E3


God’s people chose darkness over light, death over life.


Why?! What were they thinking?! After all the glorious good that God had done in creation, they wouldn’t listen to the One who loved them most. The world began with words, but when those words were twisted and doubted, the wild and waste that had been subdued in the beginning began rumbling again, but this time in the hearts of humans.



So, God, who had made the world and all that is in it in order to dwell with His people, sent them out of His lush mountain top garden. They wandered east and down to a dark place filled with dust, danger, and death. The chirps of robins gave way to the screeches of vultures who were hanging high overhead in anticipation for the death brought about by human rebellion. The golden aroma of blooming flowers was quenched by rot and decay. Thorns and thistles pierced soft hands as sweat rolled off the noses of weary workers.


‌Like the soles of their feet, the souls of humans grew hard and callused in the wilderness. Violence and rage ravaged the land. War was the new way.


‌They thought they could live without God, and surely they tried. They built a tower for themselves, a hollow mountain of pride!

In Episode 3 we make the heartbreaking journey from Genesis 3 to 11, from Eden to the Tower of Babel – a journey away from God’s presence.