· By Wolfbane Books

Eden & The Goal of Creation | S1 E2

In Episode 2, we begin our journey through The Story of God with Us.

As we trace the theme of God's presence with his people, there is only one place to start – in the beginning. From the first, "Let there be..." God had a goal for it all. Over the course of six days God is taming the wild and fashioning a home for Him and His people. By the end of Genesis 2 humans are flourishing in God's presence in a lush mountain top garden.

Just imagine where all of this leads, Adam and Eve, flourishing in the presence of God, multiplying and having children in Eden, and their children having children, and their children having children, and so on and so forth. Can you imagine that as the people of God continue to multiply, they cultivate the garden over millennia, expanding it’s boarders over the rest of the world, it’s not long before a global garden city begins to come into view. A city with no sin, no tears, and no death – a city filled and flowing with God’s life and light!

But, you'll never guess what happens next...