· By Wolfbane Books

Prologue: The Story of God | S1 E1

Welcome to The Story of God Podcast!

In Season 1 of our new podcast we will be digging deeper into the theological theme we laid out in our family picture-book The Story of God with Us. We will follow the structure of that book – scene by scene – to guide us on our journey.

Each episode will be bite-sized, but packed with rich theology. As the story unfolds over Season 1 it is our hope that parents and families will experience the wonder of the Word, and fall deeper in love with the Author of the greatest story ever told.

This first episode is intended to be an introduction to Season 1, and the podcast as a whole. We dig a little deeper into the story behind the formation of Wolfbane Books and the creation of our first book, The Story of God with Us. We also introduce what is called Biblical Theology in academic circles, and how tracing a theological thread through the unfolding story helps to form and shape the mind, affections, and imagination of the reader.

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