The Story Of God Our Savior

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The Story of God Our Savior worshipfully surveys God’s loving acts of deliverance across the vista of the biblical story–with the Cross of Christ lifted up on the highest peak. Take your family on this journey. Ponder together the exodus, remember God's exile-ending kindness, and meditate on Jesus' triumph over sin and death! By the end of this story your family will know this about God...

He’s abounding in love, a Savior who mends.

Always and forever, world without end.


Like the previous installments in this outstanding series, The Story of God Our Savior traces a unifying thematic thread through the Bible. An exemplary marriage of prose and illustration, it will delight and enrich its readers, rewarding their rereading and closer attention, capturing a new generation of imaginations with the greatest Story of them all.  

- Alastair Roberts, teaching fellow at the Theopolis and Davenant Institutes and co-author of Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption Through Scripture

"A good read aloud meets children where they are and opens a new world of sights and sounds and ideas and language bigger than what they already know. The best read alouds captivate grown ups as well. The Story of God our Savior does just that, inviting all ages to wonder at the majesty of God's unfolding plan. The picture books in this series pair luminous and deeply thoughtful artwork with robust biblical theology for all ages. Consider this your invitation to a nourishing feast!" 

- Carmen Joy Imes, Old Testament Professor and author of Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters


-       Hardcover with gold embossing and soft touch finish
-       ISBN: 978-1-7366106-4-0
-       12" × 10"
-       34 Pages
-       Release Date: February 12th 2024