The King of All Things

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The King of All Things is a celebratory prayer that helps the youngest hearts in your home to love the goodness of the Great King and revel in His kingship over all things.

This beautiful board book was written by Shay and Catherine Gregorie (parents of 9 children!) and illustrated by the immensely talented Breezy Brookshire.

“A stunningly beautiful book that will open young imaginations to the wonders of God’s good rule over all things. May these words and images live long in the hearts of children for generations to come!” - Sally Clarkson

“A feast for the eyes, and delicious to read aloud with your little ones.” - Sarah Mackenzie



-       Board book 

-       ISBN: 978-1-7366106-3-3

-       8" × 6.25"

-       32 Pages