The Story of God with Us

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Like many great stories, the Bible has multiple thematic threads that run from beginning to end. In this book we will follow the wonderful golden thread of God's presence: his desire and determination to be with his people. This is the foundational reality at the heart of the biblical story.

Like many of the Psalms, this book poetically recalls scenes from Scripture. Along the way you will recognize echoes from previous scenes that keep the golden thread in sight. There is also a liturgical and memorable refrain that impresses the big idea into the readers’ and hearers’ hearts.

Our prayer is that this book is read regularly in a family setting, and that it establishes categories and language for understanding the story of Scripture and its Author.

The Story of God series is a growing collection of picture books that allow the reader and hearer to explore the whole biblical story in one sitting. Each book traces an important and foundational theological theme from Genesis to Revelation. Our hope is that Story of God series will increase biblical literacy, cultivate a biblical imagination, and kindle a life-long love for the God of the Bible.


I can’t think of another book that so deftly, lyrically, and beautifully conveys the glory of God’s plan for his people and this world. In just a few pages Padgett, Gregorie, and illustrator Aedan Peterson take us on a journey from Creation to New Creation--with Jesus shining at the heart of it all. A breathtaking marriage of word and image.

- Andrew Peterson, Singer/Songwriter and author of The Wingfeather Saga and The God of the Garden

The kind of true storytelling every Christian parent hopes for. A delight to read aloud, and a visual feast. You'll want the book's refrain to find a home in your child's heart. Highly recommended!

- Sarah Mackenzie, Author of The Read-Aloud Family and host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast.

The Story of God With Us is biblical theology for the whole family and is a remarkable achievement. What sets it apart is the stunning elegance in both art and word. Highly recommended for families, and indeed for all believers.

- Dane Ortlund, Senior pastor of Naperville Presbyterian Church in Naperville, Illinois and author of Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners

Luminous and profound, grounded yet winsome, this is a children's book for a new generation of discerning parents and grandparents. Today more than ever, our world craves a unifying narrative and yet expects excellence. Peterson's illustrations bring delight to the biblical narrative so thoughtfully retold by Padgett and Gregorie. The Story of God With Us is a gift to behold!

- Carmen Joy Imes, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University, mom of three, and author of Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters

The Story of God with Us makes the biblical story come alive in wonderfully accessible ways. It is a gift for parents, children and churches. We need it!

- Craig G. Bartholomew, Director of the Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology in Cambridge, UK. He has written and edited numerous books.

Wow! What a visually and poetically enchanting book for adults and children to enjoy together. Even better, it's punctuated with the theology of God's presence that we so desperately need to remember and practice. How many times have we seen children's "Bibles" that veer from the story and theology of Scripture? The Story of God with Us creatively traces the significance of immanu-el (the with-us God) across Scripture.

- Dru Johnson, Associate professor of biblical and theological studies at The King’s College in New York City,  director of the Center for Hebraic Thought

This is a delightful book, in which the biblical narrative, artfully recounted and gorgeously illustrated as a story of darkness and light, will capture children's imaginations and reframe their worlds.

- Alastair Roberts, Teaching fellow at the Theopolis Institute and the Davenant Institute, and co-author of Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture

Children love games of compare and contrast. Look at Goofus, look at Gallant: How are they the same, and how different? Children love hidden picture games where they have to find the ice cream cone cleverly concealed in a tree trunk. That means children should love reading the Bible, which is a tapestry of similarity and difference, full of hidden portraits of Jesus the Christ. With its depictions of God's dwellings, The Story of God With Us capitalizes on childish delights and helps children to grasp the full sweep of Scripture. Perhaps this gorgeous book will even encourage some adults to become as children.

- Peter Leithart, President of Theopolis Institute and serves as Teacher at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. He is the author of many books.